Klick Tee Shop COVID-19 Order Delays

Dear Customers,

Updated July 1, 2020

Klick Tee Shop is currently experiencing production delays. There are backorders that are the result of the state mandates when most factories were shut down. Most orders are around 27-30 days right now and in some instances even longer. I can’t get production to expedite anything and I am very upset about this. This is not helping my business, so my frustrations are like yours, orders shouldn’t take this long. 

As further explanation, my shop uses multiple print on demand manufactures (All located in the USA). They print one item at a time, so that shop owners don’t have to sit on a stack of inventory. Typically before COVID-19 orders would take 5-7 days at the very most. My manufactures have added more people and opened new facilities, but since online shopping is so big right now the demands and backorders can’t be fulfilled fast enough. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if at anytime you’d like a full refund just let me know.

As an online shopper myself I would feel aggravated and think that this is some kind of a scam, but I assure you before this pandemic things were running smooth like a new Mercedes.

I appreciate all my customers and thank you for your patience in this unprecedented time in our country's history.