Catman Michigan - Leather Bracelet

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In some cultures, black cats are considered good luck. They are a sailor's best friend, a symbol of feline greatness. In 1975, Kiss, known for its lavish costumes, face paint, and pyrotechnics, rolled into town to meet the Cadillac Michigan High School football team, which credited its winning season a year earlier to the band's music. Peter Criss wore a jacket that bore a black cat.
One Size
Wrist Diameter, cm 5.5 - 6
Strap Width, cm 0.5
Coin Pendant Diameter, cm 2
Heart Pendant Diameter , cm 1.8 - 2


These leather bracelets are so fun! Choose your bracelet and special design stamped on a tiny heart or circle to express individuality. Made in USA. 


.: Sterling silver or 18K gold plated charm
.: 3 adjustable sizes
.: Several charm shapes
.: Nickel and lead free