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As a fan of the hottest band in the world, I wanted to create a t-shirt line that I always wanted as a fan, but never seen before. My shirts are all designed by me as I take into consideration the history of the band and find those "deep cut" instances where I'm not just taking some random photo and slapping it on a tee, I research, sketch, and finalize my designs with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I am an Art Director by trade, so every detail counts. I love hearing your feedback and seeing my designs on the Army. In-box me with and questions or comments. ~Ed


Awesome selection of high quality T-shirts at reasonable prices!

Tom Harrington

Amazing KISS related designs at extremely good prices on wonderful quality t-shirts! You have never seen and can only get these at the KLICK TEE SHOP! These are not only t-shirts , they are collectibles and conversation pieces!

Peter Cecere

I got my Sammy T and Demon Boot TSHIRTS today as a gift from my wife . She gets me for sure! Shirts came in less than a week ...Great Shirt ...Great quality and price and graphics are really cool. Thank you.

Patrick W Lindstrom

YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST ! THE HOTTEST SHIRTS IN THE WORLD...KLICK TEES ! 🤘 These shirt's are AMAZING! Awesome quality and designs! The best and most original KISS shirts out there! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Christopher Miller

The shirt is fantastic, I love the design, and the shop owner is excellent at communicating. The shirt was an instant favorite as soon as I opened the package.

Benjamin Lumsden