Barong Landung – The Starchild - Pillow

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Barong Landung – The Starchild

Barong Landung is actually a pair of statues or barongs. Balinese Hindus believe that this represents “the embodiment of the acculturation of Chinese culture with Balinese Hinduism, depicting the female Barong Landung with the face of a beautiful Chinese woman, and the male with a scary face and long fangs, this is a manifestation of the teachings of ‘Ruwa Bineda’ which distinguishes good and bad”.

Likewise, the figure of The Starchild is an expression of androgyny and is characterized by 2 traits. Therefore some Balinese rituals might have inspired his ego, and you can easily see the influences by the panther–like creature Barong, which shaped his strong character and dance style. In addition, according to the Balinese philosophy, the color Purple indicates hope and wisdom. Thus, the distinguished character is also compared with royal status.

.: 100% Faux suede cover
.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Polyester pillow included